The original Johnny’s was a late-night, good-time Carlton classic. It’s glowing neon sign drew musicians, artists, gangsters and students who mingled at all hours, playing pool and eating cotoletta and lasagne in a place where the party never ended. It wasn’t always savoury but it was never dull. With our new rooftop incarnation of Johnny’s, we’ve retained the sense of fun but swapped the notorious pool hall vibe and clouds of cigarette smoke for amazing 360-degree views over Carlton and the sophisticated ambience of a rooftop party in Rome. Johnny’s serves classic and house cocktails, local and imported beer on tap, easy-drinking wines and a casual list of bar food’s greatest hits from grilled meat and burgers to gelato and cheese. Add neon, terrazzo and great tunes and it’s classic good times for right now. Bring your friends. The good-time essence of Johnny’s lives on.